Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Mana eva manushyanam Karanam Bandha mokshayoh -Its all in the Mind.

'Mind is the reason for Bondage and liberation'. -The Geetha.". Mind is the problem and Mind is the Solution. It is mind that creates a barrier for you, but mind can also help you in gaining emancipation or liberation.

Once a sage and his four disciples were going from one place to another. It was during this journey they had to cross a river and they had come to the bank of the river. While they were thinking of crossing the river, a young woman also came over there.

She was very attractive in her looks. She approached one of the young disciples in the group and asked him to help her cross the river. The disciple afraid of what his guru would say did not bother to help her.

The lady did not move or change her mind. However she kept on requesting him. She asked him whether he would carry her across the river. The disciple stood steady and refused to help.

Later the lady approached the Guru and he obliged to help her. Guru carried her on his shoulders. On seeing this, the disiples were taken back. They all crossed the river. The lady got down from Sage's shoulders and thanked the Sage. Sage blessed her and continued his journey with his disciples.

But the disciple was surprised and worried now. "How can a person like our Guru, could do this being a Sage?"

He kept on thinking and thinking. At last he developed his courage and decided to ask the Guru. He asked his guru, "Guruji how can a person like you do this?"

The Great Guru replied, "My son! I dropped her down on the river bank but you are still carrying her in your mind!". It's all in your mind.

Moral: These are not mere words. Like the disciple, most of us are carrying such needless worries in our minds that leads to stress. This stress takes the toll. It hampers our efficiency. Due to this stress, even at younger ages, we get tired so soon as if we are aged ones. Let us get over this Stress. Keep in mind only that are required.

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